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The Starter Set Smart Cards are grouped around topics connected with the children’s immediate world and areas of interest, such as: toys, animals, action verbs, school things, food, fruit, vegetables, clothes, space and days of the week, and so on. These groups of words are further supplemented by Smart Cards found in individual EMYS TOPIC SETS and all of them can form the basis of a game, depending on which of these are chosen to program EMYS. The words pictured in Smart Cards can be taught, recycled and revised through the broad variety of STARTER games, but they can also form parts of sentences or questions which a teacher wishes to practise. 


The EMYS card sets are beautiful, of high-quality and durable. In order to offer the best learning experience, printed on both sides, embossed with a UV-layer texture and equipped with a smart chip. These cards are children's favorite set of images made to interract with their beloved robot EMYS. The card dimentions are 125mm high and 1.2mm thick.

Clothes Smart Card

4,00 €Prix
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