Best of EMYS : the weekly review (week 24)

Dear EMYS' friends! You are an active community & we love following what you do with your robots! Presenting you weekly with the best of EMYS recap is a truly fun task. We hope you enjoy the scroll through this article too.

During their last class, our students have prepared some delicious cocktails. It was EMYS who provided recipes.””

Kids! Don’t forget to share some smoothie with EMYS as well. Using EMYS fruit plushies, make a smoothie for your robot and try to discover his favorite flavor!

#PlanetEnglishStargard #PlanetEnglish

“Today, exceptionally, we had some candy floss & popcorn, as we usually eat healthy food. And it was with our one and only - EMYS that we were speaking in English.”

What a great event! It is wonderful that you took your EMYS there. It seems like many kids and parents have seen EMYS for the very first time.

#kidsAndCo #theParkWarsaw

“Kids love EMYS, they always welcome him, hug him, pat him. Today kids have learnt about fruits and vegetables.”

It is an honour to see such amazing kids play with EMYS. We hope you get to see EMYS again soon!


“EMYS the Bad Pirate, EMYS the Masterchef, EMYS as a girl.”

Ok, ok… this one is big! But seriously?! EMYS as a girl? Have you finally solved the everlasting riddle? Oh wait, no. EMYS is magic, as it can be anything in your kids imagination ;).

#APieceOfCakeNaukaJezykaAnglieskiego #PieceOfCake

“A Special guest has visited our kids during the last classes before summer holidays. It was so much fun!”

Hold on! Last classes?! Summer holidays without EMYS..? - no way! Follow our social media channels to find out where to meet EMYS in July and August.

#EasyStepCentrumJezykaAngielskiego #EasyStepCentrum #EasyStep

“...and all thanks to one funny boy. By the way, he fell asleep twice..., because of being very tired of course.”

Oh, so it is a boy then? Ok, let it be a boy as well ;). We love to see how kids were patting and hugging him. That was some true love for sure 💕 ❤️ .

#CentrumEdukacjiJezykowej #FabrykaJezyka #KoloroweMotyle

“Can EMYS swim? He loves playing with active kids for sure.”