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Young children love to take on the roles of adults and to engage in pretend games of being doctors, teachers, builders, pilots or… vets. In the ‘At the Vet’ set children embark on a mission to save injured animals, take them to a clinic and apply treatments. They need to identify the animals in city and forest settings, take them through a maze in an ambulance and utilise the right medical items in their roles as vets.


At the Vet Set is one of the topic-related sets which aim to teach young children English in a motivating and interactive way. Each set can be treated as an equivalent of a textbook chapter and it contains stories, interactive tasks, games, craft activities and a song. In order to help children internalize the knowledge they gain with EMYS and reflect on their learning in a creative way, each set comes with a 48-page Activity Book. Classroom bundles for institutions can be found at a discounted price here.


    Box content:


    Digital content:

    • 9 interactive games
    • 10 animated stories
    • 4 guided art activities
    • 1 animated song
    • 1 instruction video


    Numbers of words and expressions:

    • 42 target words and expressions
    • 117 expressions to be retained from stories and song
    • 181 Emys' instructions and words of support



    • possessives (my, your)
    • What’s this?
    • What’s the matter?
    • Let’s ...
    • The imperative
    • My .... hurts.
    • Poor + animal
    • Put on …
    • Take some ...
    • a + countable noun
    • uncountable noun without a


    Examples of instructions:

    • Poor animals. Let’s help them.
    • These can help the animals.
    • Try a different card. 
    • You’ve already helped him.
    • Try something else.
    • That didn’t work. Try again.
    • The cat’s got temperature.
    • Let’s give the cat some medicine.
    • Choose a treatment.


    Examples of questions:

    • What can you see?
    • What is it?
    • Which animal can we help?
    • What’s the matter?
    • How can you help?
    • Do you want to see?
    • Can you help me?
    • Can you give me some medicine?


    Examples of motivational language: 

    • Excellent!
    • You’re doing great!
    • Great!
    • You’re a wonderful vet!
    • Brilliant!
    • Amazing!
    • Wow!

      At the Vet set

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