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There are altogether 15 games in the STARTER SET, of which 10 are based on the principle of programming EMYS with chosen vocabulary that one wishes to practise. Two of the games contain a selection of quiz questions or sentences which children must assess as TRUE or FALSE with the help of the green and red sticks or to which they have to respond with Smart Cards or movement. There are also five ENERGY BURNING GAMES which engage children in a variety of physical activities combined with language instructions and responses to questions. All of the games engage children in active participation and activate the sleepiest of groups and classrooms.


The EMYS activation cards are beautiful, of high-quality and durable. In order to stimulate learning and offer multi-sensory experience, the activation smart cards are printed on both sides and embossed with a UV-layer texture. These cards are children's favorite set of images made to interract with their beloved robot EMYS. The avarage card dimentions are 125mm diameter and 1.2mm thick.

Game Activation Card

3,00 €Prix
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