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Learning happens naturally through play & while staying active. Gym Dots mats were created with a mission to have kids review some language with EMYS robot through the total physical response to the clues that are given to them. Lots of laughter is guaranteed as the players’ limbs get twisted in this highly entertaining game for all ages and levels. Touch your mat sensor to your robot’s screen and let the fun begin!


Chose from different themed mats. With each Gym Dots! mat kids review 6 different vocabulary items as well as absorb some grammatical structures in a form of peripheral language around the movements they execute as they play. 


Available themes:

- Halloween: a bat, a witch, a black cat, a spider, a pumpkin, a ghost

- Christmas: a star, a reindeer, a Christmas tree, Santa, presents, an elf

... more themes soon.


Set contains:

- Gym Dots mat

- 2x Badges (random names)

- carring bag

- instruction

Product specifications
- waterproof

- dimensions 150x150 cm


Remark: The Gym Dots mat is compatible with all R1M2 models and R1M1 with a software version equal to or higher than 2.4.38. If your robot's software is lower than this version, don't worry; we will assist you in upgrading your EMYS at no cost. Just contact us with this 👉 form.


You can check your software version as shown 👉 here.

Gym Dots

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