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Recognized as Innovator Under 35 Europe by MIT Technology Review in 2017, before launching EMYS, dr. Jan Kędzierski had spent years building and perfecting social robots at the Wrocław University of Science and Technology. He is a visionary leader with a mission to bring the best of social robotics, while skillfully blending the digital with the reality of the child to the world of early years education and to the homes worldwide. 

Jan Kędzierski


Anna Cudle

Anna Caudle

Anna is an experienced author of English textbooks and teaching materials for young learners. She was a Lecturer in English Composition at the University of Missouri-Rolla, and is currently a Senior Lecturer at the University of Lodz. She has participated in the content production of television programme 'English and Arts', school textbooks for children 'Surprise' and 'Globetrotter' and a seven level course of English teaching materials Leo English.

Katarzyna Rojkowska

Katarzyna Rojkowska

Katarzyna is a psychologist, founder and director of two educational brands: Leader School and Leonardo School as well as co-author of Leo English textbooks for teaching English to young learners. She is an expert in education and the author of numerous publications relating to aspects of child development.

Katarzyna Butty

Katarzyna Butty

Katarzyna is a passionate English language teacher and a linguist with an extensive experience in teaching English to young learners. An advocate of active learning approaches, Katarzyna is a founder and a head teacher at Spell Languages - a creative and playful language learning center for kids aged 0-12 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Rebecca Dawes

Rebecca Dawes

Rebecca has spent the last eight years teaching English to young learners in Poland. She is also a CELTA and CELTYL qualified teacher. During her career, Rebecca has created a wide range of didactic materials and games for teaching young learners.

All team

EMYS Family

Currently, the company is composed of numerous leading experts in the fields of language methodology, IT engineering as well as sales marketing located in Asia and Europe.

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