It is your ability to think outside the box, your passion-driven approach and your forward thinking nature that made you chose EMYS for your home or your school. You are not afraid to make your research and take informed decisions based on what you consider best. Purpose is probably at the core of your business growth and at EMYS, we want to be part of it! 

We have mentioned it before and with the new school year approaching, we wanted to reiterate our exclusive proposal, inviting you to become a sales partner or agent for EMYS. A perfect win-win scenario where you are sure to gain and you have nothing to lose!


As EMYS certified representative you will not only get the authorisation to sell EMYS as well as the chance to earn up to 15% of commission sales of EMYS educational product range, but you will also get such extra benefits as

  • invitation to pilot projects,

  • Invitation to round tables and other events

  • Personal Discount codes

  • "First to know" access to news and information

  • Free gadgets and gifts from the universe of EMYS in exchange for sales points

  • Free EMYS events scenarios

  • Access to VIP space with plenty of quality marketing materials and other free extra information about EMYS

  • Licenced Partner Certificate

We truly look forward to seeing your business grow with your purpose-driven approach!

❤️ Thank you! We will back to you as soon as possible.