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EMYS : play, learn, love… with a friendly English native speaker.

EMYS - the most advanced, English speaking educational robot with a friendly appearance and outstanding interactive capabilities for kids aged 3 - 7.  

Children aged 3-7 years old love EMYS: the most advanced, English speaking educational robot in the world with a friendly appearance and outstanding interactive capabilities. EMYS is a rich source of carefully chosen language presented through a series of interactive tasks, games, crafts, activities, songs and stories. The robot reacts to the kids touch and comes equipped with many quality theme-based toys and cards that were created to stimulate 5 senses. EMYS is also playful and capable of displaying emotions. Finally,  this unique english native speaker awakens kids drive to play-pretend and asks them regularly to be taken care of. From R2D2 & C-3PO through WALL-E & Hal, what once used to be a dream on cinema screens, now has become the reality for kids and the adults around them alike.  



Language acquisition is a natural process. Numerous studies confirm that the earlier we expose children to a new language, the easier it is for them to fully master it. The language is absorbed when kids interact with their environment. Moreover, deep learning happens through play and when children can activate all their senses.  In order to facilitate language acquisition for kids, the exposition to the language needs to be meaningful and regular. Taking all these facts into account, EMYS was specifically designed to make learning English as playful and natural as possible. Finally, in order to keep kids motivated, EMYS was created in a way to awaken a sense of mastery in its young users.



EMYSvers classroom 

The EMYS classroom is an ideal solution for modern institutions who not only wish to introduce their young English language learners to cutting edge technologies, but to offer a secure, hands-on and child-friendly learning experience. In the EMYS classroom, teachers are given more space to observe and assess children in their work and progress. In this type of setting, each robot becomes a digital companion allowing young learners to be:

Learning Autonomously.

Having enough space to progress naturally and at their own rhythm.

 With the support of EMYS, students develop their self-confidence and become true superheroes on their path to speaking English fluently. 


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