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With EMYS, your children are at the center of their learning and are prompted to practice English actively and independently through:

  • a joyful imerssion in English,

  • the most advanced and secure digital native speaker,

  • motivation for learning through attachement,

  • rich source of edutainment

… at home and at school.

playing EMYS

Parents and teachers choose EMYS for:

  • its supreme quality educational effect,

  • its clearly established learning goals,

  • the problem solving opportunities it offers,

  • the feedback it provides about their children's learning.

playing EMYS

Play pretend games

Children learn though play. Therefore, EMYS asks the regularly to be taken care of. For example, sometimes it gets hungry and asks the kids to make him a smoothie. Some other times EMYS gets sick and needs to take some medicine. Children love to take care of their robot & in the meantime, review previously learnt vocabulary and phrases.

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