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Kids aged 3-7 who love
learning through...


  • Play

  • Arts & crafts

  • Hands-on activities

  • Music

  • Stories

... make daily, visible progress with EMYS !

playing EMYS

Children love learning with EMYS and quickly master the skills needed to play with their digital room-mate independently. Parents appreciate the assistance EMYS provides in getting kids constructively busy. They also observe a lasting engagement with language learning through the bond that children build with their robot.

playing EMYS


EMYS' rich programme can be easily incorporated in diverse curricula. The included teachers’ books serve as inspiration for truly engaging classes. In EMYS classrooms worldwide there has been observed:


  • a significant increase in group focus,

  • strengthened motivation in young learners,

  • increased in-class satisfaction levels.

Individual learners may turn to EMYS in order to review certain notions by themselves, pass time constructively or seek company and comfort.

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