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The EMYS classroom pack is an ideal solution for modern institutions who not only wish to introduce their young English language learners to cutting edge technologies, but to offer a secure, hands-on and child-friendly learning experience.
In the EMYS classroom, teachers are given more space to observe and assess children in their work and progress. The EMYS pack can also be implemented in different configurations and for a variety of needs, such as: 
  • Independent work at individual play&learn stations.
  • Small group work at individual play&learn stations.
  • Group games with several play&learn stations active at once.
  • Independent & rotational learning where teachers are working with one group of children while the others are consolidating previously introduced content with robots.
  • Fun group activities with one robot in the middle.
  • Independent learning with EMYS activity books.


Children are at the center of their education in the EMYS classroom. In this type of setting, each robot becomes a digital companion allowing young learners to be:
  • Learning Autonomously.
  • Having enough space to progress naturally and at their own rhythm.


With the support of EMYS, students develop their self-confidence and become true superheroes on their path to speaking English fluently. 
Purchasing a Classroom Pack does not only provide you with the opportunity of joining the EMYS family of highly-rated educational institutions, but it also grants you full access to EMYS Academy which includes benefits such as:
  • A demonstration lesson with your students.
  • A presentation of the robot and all its functionalities.
  • Live & Online session of "Teaching with EMYS" to train your teachers.
  • Tailored advice in integrating "EMYS at home" rental programs.
  • Professional advice in EMYS at Home Reinforcement programs.
  • Special family event scenarios.

The classroom pack is composed of: 

  • 6 robots, each with 5 learning sets
  • As well as 100 activity books


Robotised classroom also includes: The EMYS universe carpet and 6x EMYS universe pillows.


Becoming the lucky owner of a robotised classroom is only one click away and risk free with our 14 day trial policy, which includes a total customer satisfaction or a guaranteed reimbursement.
Do you wish to purchase a few classroom packs, or add a few more robots to your first classroom? Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will draft you an offer suited to your specific needs and requirements. 

EMYSverse, 6-pack

SKU: 5904496811001-6
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