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In Mr Zaggy games EMYS, the English-speaking robot, engages children in interactive and playful tasks created to introduce & drill the names of parts of the face and parts of the body. Children quickly learn to use the 17 elements which make up Mr Zaggy. They communicate with Emys with understanding and to respond to his prompting. Have your children enjoy the Mr Zaggy games with EMYS and see their language grow as they play!


Box content:


Numbers of words and expressions:

  • 13 target words and expressions
  • 122 Emys' instructions and words of support


Examples of instructions:

  • Use the sticks to choose an option.
  • Use the colour dice to choose a game.
  • Listen to me carefully. I will tell you which parts of the body I want to see first.
  • Make Mr Zaggy disappear as fast as you can.
  • Ready? Here is the first card, 'Hair'.
  • What's missing?
  • A leg. Yes, a leg. Well done! Look again. What's missing?
  • Red. You have chosen red. Red is a great colour.


Examples of motivational language:

  • That's right! Well done!
  • Excellent!
  • You've got it! Well done!
  • Fantastic! I love my hair.
  • Great! I love my ear.
  • Super! I love my two ears.
  • Thank you! I'm so happy!

Mr Zaggy set

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