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Children love experimenting with language sounds and taking up new, play pretend identities. For this reason, the Starter set is equipped with12 badges created to help children identify themselves with the EMYS universe. Illustrated with  pictures of little monsters and their catchy names, the young learners do not only get to have fun, but also are gently introduced to the world of phonics. Children can take on such identities as Jokey Jack or Fluffy Florence and EMYS will recognize who they are. The badges are an integral part of some of the STARTER games.


The EMYS badges are beautiful, of high-quality and durable. In order to stimulate learning and offer multi-sensory experience, the badges are printed on both sides and embossed with a UV-layer texture. Equipped with a smart chip, these cards are children's favorite set of images made to interract with their beloved robot EMYS.


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