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In ‘The Blender’ children learn to make fruit smoothies and prepare a fruit salad. But in preparation for the roles of cooks they learn to name the different fruits, to count them and to identify the colours. All this is enabled through the games conducted by EMYS and the wonderfully soft and colourful interactive fruit plushies so loved by children.


The Blender Set is one of the topic-related sets which aim to teach young children English in a motivating and interactive way. Each set can be treated as an equivalent of a textbook chapter and it contains stories, interactive tasks, games, craft activities and a song. In order to help children internalize the knowledge they gain with EMYS and reflect on their learning in a creative way, each set comes with a 48-page Activity Book. Classroom bundles for institutions can be found at a discounted price here and additional craft sets here.


Box contents:


Digital content:

  • 8 interactive games
  • 8 animated stories
  • 2 guided cooking activities 
  • 3 guided art activities 
  • 1 animated song


Numbers of words and expressions:

  • 61 target words and expressions
  • 132 expressions to be retained from stories and song
  • 182 Emys' instructions and words of support



  • a/an + noun
  • Let’s  make ...
  • What’s this?
  • How many... (bananas) are there?
  • What colour? What colour is it?
  • plural noun + s
  • How many?
  • counting from 1 to 10


Examples of instructions:

  • Look at the basket. What is it?
  • Let’s count. Count the fruit in the basket.
  • Touch my screen with a fruit.
  • Let’s colour. Colour the apple (orange, banana, strawberry, etc.).
  • Choose a picture to colour.
  • Use green and red sticks.
  • Use the talisman to confirm.
  • Please use the dice.
  • Let’s play. Start the machine.
  • Now it’s my turn.


Examples of questions:

  • How many are there?
  • What comes next?
  • What can we put inside?
  • Is it yummy?
  • Would you like to play one more time?


Examples of motivational language: 

  • Super. You’re doing great.
  • Hurrah!
  • Fabulous!
  • Impressive!
  • Wonderful!
  • Well done!

The Blender set

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