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Best of EMYS : the weekly review (week 25)

Dear EMYS' friends! You are a vibrant community & following what you do with your robots is a truly inspiring experience! We love sharing the best of your news weekly here on our blog and we hope you enjoy the scroll through this article too.

“We had a lot of fun last Friday. It was EMYS who taught us how to make paper pet friends.”

You are welcome! EMYS never gets tired of helping your students learn through doing. It is what defines robots : to serve without ever getting tired of it... but psssst, better not tell it to your robot 😜. You never know... By the way, have you already discovered all the EMYS craft activities? Keep us up to date!

“Kids were amazed with EMYS robot, they were truly engaged in all the activities with the robot.”

Congratulations to the kids🎉🎉🎉. It is amazing when devoted teachers bring EMYS along & thus, make the day of their students. What a wonderful idea to have brought EMYS to yet another school. We hope it wasn't the last visit there!

“Time to review some vocabulary. Thanks to EMYS, our English classes awaken curiosity in our young learners.”

Hey, do you want to know about a bonus here? EMYS will not only help kids review vocabulary, but it will also make them want to do the wash at home as well 😂😂.

“It's time for summer holidays!”

Weekly recap without #CentrumEdukacjiJezykowej #FabrykaJezyka? - no way! Also, hey! Your certificates are fabulous!

“Classes with EMYS are always too short for kids and it makes them sad when they hear the bell ring.”

Nothing is lost! Just turn the bell off. For R2D2 from Star Wars it was an easy task. Do you think that EMYS could do it for you 😜?

Dear EMYS Community, it is simply amazing to see what you do with EMYS and all the places you take it to. Thank you so much for being so active, fun & creative!! We love it! We also hope to feature you here next week again, so whatever you do, remember to take pictures, make videos and tag #EmysRobot in your social media posts. We will see you next week and until than, keep playing, keep learning, keep loving… spreading the joy of learning english always with your EMYS around, of course!

That's all folks! See you next Friday!

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