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Best of EMYS : the weekly review (week 27)

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Dear EMYS' friends! You are a vibrant community & following what you do with your robots is a truly inspiring experience! We love sharing the best of your news weekly here on our blog and we hope you enjoy the scroll through this article too.

"On a hot & sunny afternoon, the Perfect Match - Ms. Kasia & EMYS led a playful and stimulating English class."

That is that! When you chose the best of the best, even on the hot summer afternoon, you attract a crowd. EMYS was made to entertain and help kids learn and, clearly, Ms. Kasia is a master of her vocation too!

“EMYS Robot & LEO ENGLISH make a great team!"

From a perfect match to a great team. Yes, yes, yes! The mission of EMYS is to provide the perfect complement to existing language programs. Leo English loves EMYS & EMYS loves Leo English!

“Since September - our friendly Robot EMYS will be guiding children in their English learning adventures”

OMG! Look at this classroom! Look at the EMYSverse carpet! Now, this is what we call the optimal environment to stimulating child's imagination and successful language learning. WOW! Way to go, Better Call Paul!

“We really like EMYS & my kids have already learnt some words in English. I will write a post about it soon.”

This is great news Jenny en Vadrouille! We are happy for your kids and are all looking forward to reading your EMYS-related post :).

“Why would we still be in the office after 8pm on Friday night? We are getting ready for your summer camps!”

Is EMYS representing the Queen? This looks like the effort will pay off! Do share some pictures of EMYS and your campers having English tea together. We will make sure to share it next week too!

Dear EMYS Community, it is simply amazing to see what you do with EMYS and all the places you take it to. Thank you so much for being so active, fun & creative!! We love it! We also hope to feature you here next week again, so whatever you do, remember to take pictures, make videos and tag #EmysRobot / @emysrobot in your social media posts. We will see you next week and until than, keep playing, keep learning, keep loving… spreading the joy of learning English always with your EMYS around, of course!

That's all folks! See you next week!

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