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Best of EMYS: the weekly review (weeks 16-17)

Dear EMYS' friends! You are a vibrant community & following what you do with your robots is a truly inspiring experience! We love sharing the best of your news weekly here on our blog and we hope you enjoy the scroll through this article too.

”Classes with the EMYS robot are not only about learning English but also a fantastic playtime that allows for gaining valuable language skills.

See how children mimic👀 EMYS's emotions. Brilliant👏! Such interactions show us that EMYS is a true companion for children, who not only teaches English but also forms close bonds with them 😍.

”We fulfill your child's dreams. We turn play into passion and transform learning English into a pleasure that will accompany your child forever!”

Learning English with EMYS is an excellent👌 way to play, making it easier for children to remember new words and reinforcing the ones they already know🤓 through various games. We can see the fruitful teamwork captured by EMYS in the shared photo📸.

”Do you know that EMYS develops listening comprehension skills?”

Look at how engaged the children are 😍. Focused💪, they listen carefully to EMYS's instructions and follow them accordingly. EMYS speaks in a child's voice, making children perceive it as their friend and easily respond in English🇬🇧 as well. The game sets allow children to explore EMYS's world🌍 at their own pace.

”...special guest EMYS.”

Thank you for the wonderful photo report📸. We can see that the activities with EMYS were exciting😀. The children's expressions show full focus and engagement. And that burst of energy is probably from the Hot Potato🥔 game.

”...they were doing excellently with the English language while conversing with the EMYS robot.”

EMYS is everywhere children are❤️. It enjoys meeting new people and is adept at gathering those eager to learn English around it. See how much it enjoyed the attention👧🧒🏻👦🏼.

”The EMYS robot visited the little ones, and together with the children, they learned colors and fruits in English.”

EMYS prepares for the classes to captivate👀 children and engage them in collaborative play. A bit of art🎨 and math🧮 using physical objects ensures that children eagerly participate in the activities and take on challenges. And all of this in English🇬🇧👍.

Dear EMYS Community, it is simply amazing to see what you do with EMYS and all the places you take it to. Thank you so much for being so active, fun & creative!! We love it! We also hope to feature you here next week again, so whatever you do, remember to take pictures, make videos and tag #EmysRobot / @emysrobot in your social media posts. We will see you next week and until than, keep playing, keep learning, keep loving… spreading the joy of learning English always with your EMYS around, of course!

That's all folks! See you next time!

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