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Best of EMYS: the weekly review (weeks 40-41)

Dear EMYS' friends! You are a vibrant community & following what you do with your robots is a truly inspiring experience! We love sharing the best of your news weekly here on our blog and we hope you enjoy the scroll through this article too.

”EMYS is an English-language educational robot that presented interactive tasks, games, and activities to children.”

We are delighted 🤗 that EMYS could spend European Day of Foreign Languages with preschoolers, which was a unique experience for everyone. EMYS really enjoys participating in such events, and above all, taking an active part 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️.

”English with EMYS is always great fun.”

Classes with the robot are not just learning 🤓, but also incredible fun. It's evident that the children participating in the classes are full of joy 😀 and enthusiasm. They curiously touch the robot👋, and EMYS really enjoys being petted on the head. From the children's expressions, we can assume that despite the tiredness from physical exercises🤸🏻‍♂️ and games with EMYS, they were fully engaged. You can always count on such adventures when playing with EMYS👌.

Wonderful classes with our friend EMYS,...

All children like surprises🎁, that's why EMYS often surprises them. Having a friend like EMYS definitely makes it easier to learn👀 and remember new words and expressions.

”...make himself comfortable and took the hearts of the preschoolers from the very first sight.”

It's only the beginning, and EMYS has already won the hearts♥️♥️♥️ of the preschoolers... that's fantastic! Smiling and joyful children are the foundation for having fun and quick learning.

”There he is! Our another extraordinary native speaker.”

EMYS is a wonderful🤖😍 friend who encourages children to engage in physical🤸🏻‍♂️ and creative🎨 activities. It's great that you don't forget to take care of him, feed him, clean🧽 him, pet him, and nurse him💊 when he's unwell. Such actions are excellent for teaching children empathy and social conscience♥️💪.

”EMYS is the friend of the preschool.”

See👀 how much preschoolers love spending time with EMYS the robot. Of course, everything is conducted in English🇬🇧. It's the best way to develop language skills and creative thinking from a very young age👧👦🏼. We wish the preschoolers unforgettable adventures with EMYS🤖.

”Butterflies group adore their friend EMYS.”

We're delighted 🤗 that EMYS is making new friends. Like a true buddy, he encourages task completion, and children eagerly take them on💪, even if they don't always succeed on the first try. It's wonderful that they're not afraid to try and make mistakes. This gives them confidence and encourages further exploration of the world🌎 in English.

Dear EMYS Community, it is simply amazing to see what you do with EMYS and all the places you take it to. Thank you so much for being so active, fun & creative!! We love it! We also hope to feature you here next week again, so whatever you do, remember to take pictures, make videos and tag #EmysRobot / @emysrobot in your social media posts. We will see you next week and until than, keep playing, keep learning, keep loving… spreading the joy of learning English always with your EMYS around, of course!

That's all folks! See you next time!

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