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Summer English Practice ideas : Fruit market visit

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

With summer holidays around the corner, you are certainly looking for ideas on what to do with your children during the months of July and August.You want for your children to enjoy every moment of their holiday. We understand it and have some inspirational ideas to share with you!Starting today, every 3 days we will share with youideas forgames to play with your kids and learn English all at the same time. Let’s start with our 7 fruit-themed activities series.

Activity nr 1 : Fruit market visit

Can I have some… (e.g. apples) please?
How much is / are…(e.g. these apples)?

Wherever you live, there must be a local fruit market somewhere around the corner. Go and discover it with your kids and let the colours and smells engage your senses. As you go from one stand to another, pick some fruit, name them in English and ask your child to repeat the words after you. As you perform the activity, you can touch the fruit, smell it, observe its colours and comment on it. Decide on a few pieces that you like the most and buy the fruit. If this is an option, ask the stand owner if your child can try and purchase the fruit in English. You can help your little ones speak in phrases and have them repeat after you Can I have some… (e.g. apples) please? How much is / are…(e.g. these apples)?

If you have EMYS Robot at home, for more fun, practise fruit vocabulary with your robot in steps 1 & 2 of your Blender set. Your child will love the activity! Once finished, check if you can now name all the fruit you have at home in English.

For more playful activities and suggestions how to practice English with your kids, remember to follow our social media channels as well as subscribe to our newsletter. See you soon !

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