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EMYS Q&A Show: episode 4

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

In this episode Anna answers the question:

Is there any difference between the way parents might attempt to teach children and the way EMYS does it?

Watch it and leave us some comments below.

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If parents want to teach English on their own, they would need some special professional preparation and skills.
Sometimes adults bring into their lives this foreign language barrier of being afraid to speak and this needs to be avoided.
English-teaching content that is a part of EMYS already has everything for teaching children English.
EMYS is available at any time. At any time of the day that a parent wishes to allocate to the time that his or her child wants to study or needs to study English.
It is similar to teaching children by the parents at home, but the activities that EMYS offers are enjoyable, children are happy to participate and also the activities do not just focus on English. They focus on early childhood development.
Apart from English children learn other things too like they discover the world of numbers, appreciation of colors or the existence of written letters and the words and so much more…

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