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Will robots replace humans in education?

The purpose of robotics is to support and serve humans. The technology makes our lives easier and serves educational and entertainment purposes. As a result, especially within the early education realm,

it is essential that the technology that we expose our kids to, supports their social growth and invites them to interact with their environment.

As for our perspective at EMYS company: the mission of EMYS is to shape the future of education through the world's most innovative, secure and hands-on technology. Children are at the center of our attention. We are the first to combine modern research in language acquisition studies with Common European Framework requirements and the most advanced technology. The unique innovation born out of our passion, EMYS Robot, is the most socially advanced and expressive robot in the world. With a social robot like EMYS in class, the role of the teacher changes. The relationship with the students is no longer vertical but can become horizontal. All the more in the setting such as EMYSverse classroom where

the teacher finally has space and time to see the kids as individuals on the path towards their linguistic success.

In a series of blogs to come soon, we will share with you first hand opinions of teachers who use EMYS in their classroom as well as their take on the subject of machine-supported learning.

With the children of the 21st century and beyond in mind, our vision is to keep leading and shaping the way Artificial Intelligence and Education Technology will support the youngest generations - both at their schools and at home.

We are here to support teachers and collaborate with them for the greater good and brighter future of our kids.

And you? Have you had a chance to teach with EMYS yet?

  • Yes! I love it!

  • Not yet, but I hope to try it soon.

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