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Young children learn a language when functioning within a familiar language context. The home is the centre of a child’s life but it is also the starting point for imagined worlds. The Washing Machine Set focuses on the well-known routine of sorting the laundry and washing the clothes, but it also introduces other-worldly characters that discover the magic of the washing machine.


The Washing Machine Set is one of the topic-related sets which aim to teach young children English in a motivating and interactive way. Each set can be treated as an equivalent of a textbook chapter and it contains stories, interactive tasks, games, craft activities and a song. In order to help children internalize the knowledge they gain with EMYS and reflect on their learning in a creative way, each set comes with a 48-page Activity Book. Classroom bundles for institutions can be found at a discounted price here.


Box contents:



  • 10 interactive games
  • 10 animated stories
  • 3 guided art activities
  • 1 animated song
  • 1 instruction video


Words and expressions:

  • 52 target words and expressions
  • 128 expressions to be acquired from stories and songs
  • 182 Emys' instructions and motivational set phrases


Examples of some instructions:

  • Look at my screen.
  • Touch my screen with a card.
  • Repeat, please.
  • Bring me a T-shirt (a dress, a hat, a coat, etc.)
  • I will show you clothes.
  • Please help me decide.
  • Put in something yellow.
  • Colour the dress pink.
  • Let’s dress Ava.
  • Put on a dress.
  • Use my sticks to choose clothes.


Examples of questions:

  • What have you got?
  • Is it clean or dirty?
  • Do you like it?
  • Do you want to see?
  • What’s here?
  • Are you ready?
  • Do you want to try again?


Examples of motivational language:

  • Wonderful!
  • You’re doing great!
  • Well done! Correct!
  • Excellent! Congratulations!
  • What a lovely dress!



  • a/an + noun
  • That’s a ... / They’re ... Is it...? / Are they...?
  • Yes, it is / Yes, they are, No, it isn’t / No, they aren’t.
  • It’s ... a/an + adjective + noun
  • The imperative (Hang up …/ Put it in the wash)

The Washing Machine set

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