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Best of EMYS: the weekly review (weeks 10-13)

Dear EMYS' friends! You are a vibrant community & following what you do with your robots is a truly inspiring experience! We love sharing the best of your news weekly here on our blog and we hope you enjoy the scroll through this article too.

”...the most advanced educational robot, native speaker - EMYS.”

Welcome, new friends of EMYS! 👋😍 We can't wait for your next updates from the classes. The smiling children show that they enjoyed the activities, and this is just the beginning, as EMYS has many games and fun activities to offer. 😀

”EMYS is patient and resilient - the kind of teacher everyone would want to have.”

We are delighted that English lessons with EMYS are so unique 😍. The games and activities used for children undoubtedly make the classes more diverse. EMYS's childlike voice motivates kids to speak in English, and the emotions expressed by EMYS resonate with the children. See for yourselves 😀.

”Who among us doesn't enjoy a good time? Surely, EMYS isn't one of them.

Good fun is the foundation 👌. In the Mr. Zaggy games, EMYS engages children in interactive activities to teach and reinforce the names of body parts 🦵 and facial features 👂. It's evident that preschoolers attentively listen to EMYS's instructions and follow them, all while not forgetting about having a good time.

”Our reliable EMYS completely took over today's meeting.”

It's great that EMYS is also proving effective for English lessons with older children 👏. The Starter set includes many games that can certainly be used to reinforce vocabulary that children already know, while also teaching them healthy competition and teamwork.

”English with EMYS at Żabka.”

Bravo👏 to the little ones who are exploring the world🌍 of EMYS at their own pace, while EMYS supports their natural development.

”The final stretch to the holidays, and as a result, a very intense period.”

EMYS wishes a speedy recovery to those absent🩺 from the classes. It's true that the weather isn't quite favorable🥶, but EMYS will always find something to make the children's time enjoyable and, in the process, teach them something new 😉.

”Can you be friends with a robot and have fun with it in English as a group?”

Can you become friends with a robot🤔? Absolutely, yes! EMYS already has friends all around the world🌍. We're delighted that your preschoolers could join this group. EMYS expresses emotions❤️, making it easy for children to form a close bond with it. Surely, the upcoming sessions will be just as exciting, as EMYS has many ways to have fun.

”A new student, EMYS, has just joined our school. EMYS is a born entertainer.”

The first day of school, and EMYS has become the playtime animator 🤓. Excellent! EMYS communicates only in English, which encourages children to use the same language. As a friend, it teaches empathy and sensitivity towards others 😊.

Dear EMYS Community, it is simply amazing to see what you do with EMYS and all the places you take it to. Thank you so much for being so active, fun & creative!! We love it! We also hope to feature you here next week again, so whatever you do, remember to take pictures, make videos and tag #EmysRobot / @emysrobot in your social media posts. We will see you next week and until than, keep playing, keep learning, keep loving… spreading the joy of learning English always with your EMYS around, of course!

That's all folks! See you next time!

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