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EMYS is the most advanced, English speaking educational robot in the world with a friendly appearance and outstanding interactive capabilities for Children aged 3-7 years old . EMYS is a rich source of carefully chosen language presented through a series of interactive tasks, games, crafts, activities, songs and stories.


Purchasing EMYS robot does not only provide you with the opportunity of joining the EMYS community of modern multilingual families, but it also grants you access to EMYS Academy for home which includes benefits such as:
  • a presentation of the robot and all its functionalities
  • free 3 months of expert teacher consultations &/or mini classes - 15 min / week, via a video conference
  • unlimited access to EMYS Mobile app
  • a free, special family events pass for one year after purchase

Robot box contains:


Robot is sold with 5 sets:

EMYS robot + 5 sets

SKU: 5904496811001-5
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